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NYC based Fashion and Beauty Photographer and Director

NYC Creative Agency

Fashion, Lifestyle, Product, Beauty, Wellness, Skincare

On-Figure, Model, Still Life, Product

All projects start with the production stage, where creative briefs and direction is discussed between Carly and the representative from the Client. Model casting, wardrobe and styling, Client plans, turnaround time, and much more are all discussed prior to starting the project! Carly is extremely hands on with the production stage to make sure the project runs smoothly and the Client is thrilled with the experience and end results, every time! The creative part should be the fun part about running a company! Let's make it memorable. Carly will then show up for the shoot day/s early and overly prepared. We will run through the day prior to jumping into shooting! For post production, Carly uses the highest end technology to color correct and remove any and all distractions from the assets. The client will be delivered final edited assets quickly after the shoot date. What's better than quick image returns?! 

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